Sept 08 Creative Knitting Striped Modular Vest Re Thumb Cast on

I’m currently kntting this pattern. I’m confused as to the cast on in the middle of a row. In left back, step two of the pattern, you pick up sts, then skip ridges, then cast on 30 stiches using the thumb method. Do I break the yarn after the pick up in order to cast on? I’m not sure. If I leave the yarn attached, then how do I do the thumb cast on with the end still attahced to the last stich and also to the ball of yarn? Help!


The thumb method would be another name for the backward loop or Single CO. Don’t cut the yarn, just loop it around the needle. See the CO video.

Thanks! Now it all makes sense!!!

I’m knitting the modular vest too. Just did a search on this board and that’s how I found your post. How is your’s going? Mine is coming along. I’d like to know if I should plan to block it, and if so, when will I do this. I’m working on the right front now and it says to not fasten off after the left front, I guess to go ahead and join at the shoulders (?). Anyway, with the collar and bottom border added later, I’m just not sure when to block or even if I should. Are you blocking it?