Seperation anxiety

So I love to knit. I’ll knit anything. When i’m done with my projects i put them all into a big basket and when people come over they enjoy looking at all my fuzzy creations:aww:
I have begun my Christmas list and have put my finished items it the basket as usuall. However, the thought of giving away all my beautiful work is starting to give me anxiety! Just the thought of my now over flowing basket of goodies being decreased to a few baby booties and some stray mitts makes me cringe!:waah: Does anyone else feel this way? I know that this craft is best for shareing and i know i’ll be happy when i see people with the presents i made for them but I can’t help thinking “what if they don’t like it and then don’t appreciate it and then don’t take care of it?” What if they wash my beautiful felted bag in hot water and then toss it in the dryer? What if they never “hang” my Bad JuJu doll in the closet and squeeze him so he smells like lavender like he’s supposed to ? :pout: HELP guys. Tell me you all feel this way too.
Xoxxox Meg

I’m sure we all feel that way from time to time. But really, you must have more faith in people! Surely your loved ones will greatly appreciate your creations, and as for not taking care of your knitted items, I suggest attaching a little note with care instructions on each item. (It makes it more personal as well.) Then just, well, LET GO!! As you said, this craft is best for sharing. (That goes for a lot in life.)
Anyway, look at it this way: Not only do you truly brighten someone’s day, but you also have that empty basket now screaming to be filled once again. :wink:

I will include washing instructions. I’ll still worry about my little knitted friends not enjoying there new homes. :frowning:

i completely understand! i have a love/hate relationship when it comes to giving away knitted items!

Well it’s just that we really can appreciate a gift that’s hand crafted because we do it ourselves. But some people just don’t have any idea how much time and love goes into these things.

yep- and THEY don’t get any special presents from me!!! often I “test” with some pretty, but simple facecloths or potholders or other small item. if they love it and notice its hand made etc they get more special work. if not, I don’t waste my time.

I do attach little tags that say “handmade with love” or something like that, along with care instructions.

I’ve had problems with people telling me the scarf I made then was “too pretty to wear” or it’s so pretty it’s only for special occasions. It frustrates me because while I know they love it and don’t want it to get ruined, it’s still just a scarf. It’s washable. USE it. Its there to keep you warm and snuggley. So I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve tended not to give those people more hand made gifts afterwards, because while they love them, they don’t appreciate them for what they are. :slight_smile:

It’s so nice to hear people feel the same way. when it comes to holidays i just can’t think i’ve a better way to show some one that i care about them then to give them something hand made but then ther is this selfish part of me that wants to keep all my things together so i can show them off:)

RISS- the fifth element is one of my fav flicks as well :slight_smile:

Yes! :oops: And I’ve had a similar situation as Riss where you make something for somebody and they won’t use it because they’re “saving it” because they don’t want to ruin it. Please–it can’t be “ruined”…use it! Yeah, after all of the hard work and time I put into something, sometimes it’s hard to let it go.

I feel that way only when I give things to people I know won’t appreciate them. To my dear friends and children who truly love and understand the hours I have spent knitting, I feel good about gifting them with my work. But think, after the holidays you will have an empty basket that needs filling!

I know everyone is right. I make my stuff with certain people in mind…BUT i like my fluffy full basket .
It’s so pretty