Separating sleeves- Diary Cardi

I could really use some help here. I understand the separating the sleeves part of these instructions but :exploding_head: if I follow them as written (repeat from *) the six stitches I CO will be on the back of the sleeve on one side of the cardigan and on the front of the sleeve on the other. Does it matter? I should probably just go on blind faith, but…is this right?

This photo shows the garter section and the two markers for the sleeve. The part to the far left is the back of the cardigan…which then leads to the sleeve on the other side—back of sleeve marker followed by front sleeve marker and garter on the opposite side.

The 6 sts that you cast on will be at the underarm. The marker in the middle of the 6sts will mark the side seam. So the cast on sts will be between the front and back sections.
Later you go back to the sleeve sts that are on hold and probably cast on or pick up 6sts at the underarm to knit the sleeve.

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Thank you. I think I got that, but from the instructions it sounds as though the CO stitches are placed at the sleeve back marker on the first side and on the sleeve front marker on the second side.

If they both become the side seam, then, it doesn’t matter which side of the sleeve they are on? Have I got that right?

They both become the side seam. You’ll knit to the left sleeve (as you would wear the sweater) cast on 6 then knit to the right sleeve and cast on 6sts. The sections of cast on sts will be attached to the left front/back and then back/right front but it’ll be fine.

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YAY. Thank you. Got it. I had a feeling I should have just proceed in blind faith, but sometimes (often, actually) I over think things. Thanks, @salmonmac. You are the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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