Separate front and back for bust shaping



Hi all!
I am knitting the As If Tee, and I have gotten to the point where the instructions read: “separate the front and back panels for front panel bust shaping and the back panel”. I am to keep the first half of my stitches on the needles and place the second half on hold. Then, I am to follow the pattern chart for another 21 “rounds”…

I cannot figure out which are the front stitches and which are the back stitches…
Also, I cannot figure out how to continue knitting after I have put half my stitches on hold. Do I knit in the round, or back and forth?


In my experience in most patterns you will work the back first therefore when separating for front and back the stitches you are keeping on your needles are for the back of the garment however if you wish to make this the front of the garment that’s up to you. The only difference between the front and the back will be when you start to do your neck shaping in that the front section will be shorter. As to your second query once you have separated for the front and back you will be knitting flat, i.e. back and forth. Hope this helps.


Thank you!