Sensual Knits!

Yay…:woohoo: The Sensual Knits book has come out early instead of January! How exciting is that? :happydance:
Come see the cute design I have in it [B]here[/B]:

That’s beautiful, congratulations! :thumbsup:

That’s gorgeous. :slight_smile:

That is a beautiful little sweater! Congratulations on the publication!

That is so cute. I love it!!

They are beautiful. How can it be made for a bigger bust or just bigger all together?

Great Job


Thanks so much to you all! :flirt:

mommydearest: it goes up to size 38 - 39 bust. :happydance:

Ditto! It’s lovely!

What a stunning piece of work…The detail is beautiful. Well done xx

Ooh, very pretty! just in time for Christmas!

That cami is gorgeous!!!

So cute! Congratulations!

That’s gorgeous. I wish I had the body to wear something so lovely.

Its soo pretty. I will have to put that book on my xmas wish list!!

Wow, you’re published? That’s awesome! :slight_smile: Congratulations! It’s gorgeous!

Thanks again! :muah:

I’m still on a natural ‘high’ from it all… cloud9

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
sexy, crazy, cool knit~!

You are all too kind! :flirt:

oh they are so soft and lovely! Thank you for sharing!

The designs look so pretty. Wish I were a “tiny” person so I could knit one.