Sensational knitted socks page 65

So I thought to try one of the cabled pattern sock in this book. 3x3 cable with moss stitch looked pretty. I’m reading this pattern and the stitches do not add up. On page 65, I’m casting on 68 stitches, joined, ribbing no issue. Then the pattern wants to increase sts to 77 as follows:
For 68 sts: K7, M1, (K7, M1) 8 times, K6

By my calculations, I end up with 78 sts not 77 sts.

Am I right? Or am I completely loosing it? I checked their website for correction, there wasn’t any for this page.


68 sts + M1 = 69
Repeat M1, 8 times adds 8 sts
69 + 8 = 77

I think.

You are right that the M1 do add up to the original 68 sts to make 77 sts total. I guess what I’m trying to say is the k7 stitches don’t make sense.

K7, m1= 7 sts, plus 1 sts
(k7, m1) 8 times = 56 sts plus 8 sts
K6 = 6 sts

So, don’t you need 69 original sts to complete this pattern?

I still come up with a total of 77 sts. There are 4 left after the last M1. Are you trying to have the same number of sts between all increases? I don’t think that’s possible but depending on your pattern you might use 6 sts between M1s in 2 or 3 places, increasing the last set of 4 sts to 6 or 7. I’m probably not even addressing your concern though. Someone will have an idea for you.

ETA: What is it you’re making? Can you link to the pattern?

The number of increases are correct but looking at the pattern, you start with [U]69sts[/U] and increase 9sts.
K7, M1, (K7, M1) 8 times, K6
It should be
[B]K6[/B], M1, (K7, M1) 8 times, K6
That makes the pattern start with 68sts and increase 9sts to 77sts.

So there must be a typo in the pattern right? If I change the first k7 to k6, won’t it impact the cabled pattern? You probably don’t have this book to help me out. But thank you for clarifying for me.

Changing the first k7 to a k6 was just an easy way to balance out the pattern and stitch number. The basic number of sts as you start the increase row was wrong. So, if you have a cable pattern going, figure out a way to get the extra increase in there somewhere that mimics the increases that occur in the k7, m1 area. Check with the following directions for the cable pattern to see that it indeed requires 77sts and not 78 or some other number.