Sensational knitted socks by charlene schurch HELP!


Im attempting to knit my first pair of socks from this book. My choice is the 4-stitch garter-rib pattern on pages 33-36.

Im on the “HEEL TURN” section. I have done the first 4 rows. The instructions say to repeat rows 3 & 4, [B]inc 1 additional knit or purl st after the sl 1 until all side sts are worked, end with completed row 4.[/B] i can’t make any sense of the part that says [B]inc 1 additional knit or purl st after the sl 1[/B]. I know that the inc doesnt mean to make a new stitch, and since im knitting or purling to within 1 stitch of the gap before the decrease & only the first stitch of rows 3 & 4–i dont understand how you can knit or purl an extra stitch after the slipped stitch. Can someone help me understand this?

Dont i just repeat rows 3 & 4 as i knit them initially until i have (26 stitches in my case)?

My heel flap is 48 stitches & 48 rows, if i do the heel turn as i suggested above, my heel turn would take 22 rows to bring me to 26 stitches. Does this sound right?



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Yes, you’re right. Just repeat rows 3&4. In trying to be perfectly clear about what will happen when you repeat 3&4, the pattern has made it difficult to understand.

Have you seen the errata for the pattern, linked in the Ravelry page?

Scroll down in the pdf to the area outlined in yellow.

Thankyou so much! I have seen the errata :slight_smile:

Im grateful for this online community!