Semtember's inspiration stole

Design is mine.

Oh wow! That is sooo pretty! :inlove:

GREAT job on the design! :thumbsup:

That is stunning! What gorgeous colors for fall!

The yarn and the stitches match so well to make the fall theme come through beautifully.

Hey, everyone is there a difference between a stole and a shawl or are they two names for the same thing?

Absolutely gorgeous Lima!! Wow!!

That is beautiful!!! Can you tell me about the pink skirt on your blog? It is gorgeous!!! :heart:

Wow, what a beautiful stole! :heart:

Very pretty, and it looks so good on you.

When we lived in Bavaria, I met a few Russian women who were all world class knitters. Wish I’d taken them up on the offer of lessons, maybe I’d be making things as nice as yours.

Very nice. Love the design.

Thank you dear all!!! You’re my inspiration!!!:muah: :inlove:

Gorgeous color and lovely pattern! Thanks for sharing!

Simply divine!!! Great work!!!