Semi-OT: Turning crochet

I have known now for a while how to crochet, but I always run into the same problem. I can never make squares or rectangles! The sides always end up trapezoidal or zigzaggy instead of straight up and down.

Can someone please help me learn how to correctly turn the work (not a chain, but AFTER the next row or two)? I just want to make a dishcloth. Haha. Perhaps someone may be able to show a video or short picture sequence? I believe I am having trouble finding the last stitch of a row BEFORE I turn. So sometimes, I am confident and I stitch through something either too far or too short of the actual stitch. I just looked up how to turn the work, and that’s not hard at all. It’s the part right before.

The lady I knew who taught me how passed away about a year ago, so I don’t know anyone else who can show me.

Maybe this will help? The learn to knit section is very helpful so I’m assuming the crochet might be good, too.

Learn to Crochet

Thanks, I actually just looked at that before you posted it. It does have a link on turning the work, but it doesn’t show the steps right before turning it. I have a feeling it’s something so simple that most people don’t have a problem with it, because I am not finding my answer anywhere. My problem is not being able to tell which is the last stitch before turning.

I know once I see it, it will click, but even the videos I have been watching don’t go as far as I as the third row.

Count your stitches, every row, so that you do not end up with less or more stitches.

if you haven’t seen it & can get debbie stoller’s happy hooker book from your library or something, that was the only one that helped me understand anything about what I was trying to do out of maybe 50 others.

(didn’t see this website first, though.)

hope you figure it out, it was a pain for me!

I think it’s easier for me when I do single crochet. I actually figured it out yesterday from my Encyclopedia of crochet book. It actually said that this is a common mistake for beginners, so I counted every stitch, then looked at the diagram of the last stitch, and kept note of what it looked like. Today I will try doing a half double crochet, or a double crochet to see if I can do it with the length that each stitch has. I think that the other stitches are really what I have trouble with. I’ll keep you updated :smiley:

I’ll upload my little washrag from last night. I couldn’t find my digital camera, so a webcam picture it is!

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Also check out this link here which may help.