Semi-OT: newborn baby measurments?

I am knitting a pattern and the only gauge given is for the smaller needles which are hardly used in it. So the outdoor bunting that I am making looks much too big!!! I am trying to contact the publisher of the book for corrections, but in the mean time I’d like to know the average measurments of a baby from newborn to 3 months old around the tummy with clothes on. I have no children. I was planning on making this for my hope chest so I have nothing to compare it to. I am SO frustrated! :wall:

Please help?

Go to Bev’s Country Cottage. On her website, she has several different measurements for babies - depending on weight, age, and some generalized as “most newborns use this size”.

I hope I’m reading your question right and that this site helps you!

You may not realize newborns don’t stay that size for very long and some are larger than others. If you knit something in the 3-6 month size range, they’ll probably grow out of it about the time they’re 3 months old. I never bought newborn size for my two, they fit into 3 month size right away and were wearing 6 month size by 3 months.


this is pretty true, however, two of my three kids wore 0-3 months until they were 6 months or older although they are extremely healthy. my third is 6 months old now and she fits in her 3-6 months clothes perfectly. so, it kind of depends on the baby. but, there is just something about having those itty bitty clothes. i will be happy to measure my baby although she is bigger than what you are looking for. just let me know.

Lots of measurements here.