Semi-OT: Art sale + FREE sketch through June 30!

I am open for commissions and I am having a SALE from now through June 30th. This is not artwork that’s already been drawn, but art that’s drawn FOR YOU and WHAT YOU WANT me to draw!

*= Sale price included (5 US dollars off original price, and shipping is not included, all in US currency)

*10 bucks for a sketch or cartoon (was 15) Example 1| Example 2| Example 3

FREE sketch pencil portrait with the purchase of one of the following:

*20 for a sketch pencil portrait (was 25) Example 1| Example 2
*45 for a finished portrait (was 50) Example (like this, but only about 12x14 in)

And I am currently having a HUGE SALE for my poster portraits (one subject at about 3.5ft x 3ft - can measure at request) at 50 dollars off! So that’s 200 dollars :smiley: (poster portraits of this value are completely charcoal) Shipping IS included only with this item!

Good quality photos are best. And prices may vary slightly depending on particular circumstances.

Pay half up front and half later Or pay all at once.

PM me here for additional details.


I still have spots open :slight_smile: If there are any takers?