Semi-casual dress?

We are going to a faculty dinner at a country club and the dress is semi-casual. I have no idea what that means. :shrug:

I can tell you all about concert attire - long black symphonic, pit orchestra, pops - but this one is new to me. :oo:

Anyone have suggestions?

Well, business casual is for women, you can wear pants, but not jeans and no flip flops. No t shirts with writing on them, etc. Men have to wear shirt and tie, but not necessarily a coat jacket. Maybe it’s like this.

To be on the safe side, I would say slacks and a nice blouse/top.

Yep, I’m with Stacy.

Thanks everyone. I think I have something I can wear… nice black slacks and a nice top.

Straight from WIKIPEDIA (the end all be all of information):notworthy:

[B]Semi-casual[/B] is a dress code in the American context. It is less [U][COLOR=#0000ff]presentational[/COLOR][/U] than [U][COLOR=#0000ff]Informal[/COLOR][/U] but not as loose, and potentially sexually suggestive, as full [U][COLOR=#0000ff]casual[/COLOR][/U] dress.
Semi-casual dress may include:
[li][U][COLOR=#0000ff]Loafers[/COLOR][/U] or cap toe shoes. [U][COLOR=#0000ff]Sandals[/COLOR][/U] may also be appropriate in warm [U][COLOR=#0000ff]weather[/COLOR][/U].[/li][li]Dark [U][COLOR=#0000ff]socks[/COLOR][/U] are still considered [I][U][COLOR=#0000ff]de rigueur[/COLOR][/U][/I] for [U][COLOR=#0000ff]men[/COLOR][/U]. Women are given more leniency to wear light colored [U][COLOR=#0000ff]stockings[/COLOR][/U], especially in warm weather.[/li][li][U][COLOR=#0000ff]Trousers[/COLOR][/U] in a smooth material or [U][COLOR=#0000ff]corduroy[/COLOR][/U]. [U][COLOR=#0000ff]Women[/COLOR][/U] are allowed [U][COLOR=#0000ff]skirts[/COLOR][/U] or [U][COLOR=#0000ff]dresses[/COLOR][/U].[/li][li]A button-down dress shirt, [U][COLOR=#0000ff]sweater[/COLOR][/U], [U][COLOR=#0000ff]polo shirt[/COLOR][/U], or sweater vest. Again, women are given more leniency, and are often allowed to wear a [U][COLOR=#0000ff]T-shirt[/COLOR][/U] if it is of a luxurious material. Men may wear a [U][COLOR=#0000ff]necktie[/COLOR][/U], but it is certainly not expected.[/li][li]Almost any kind of [U][COLOR=#0000ff]coat[/COLOR][/U] or [U][COLOR=#0000ff]hat[/COLOR][/U] may go with semi-casual dress in inclement weather. However, a [U][COLOR=#0000ff]top hat[/COLOR][/U] or a woman’s [U][COLOR=#0000ff]Easter bonnet[/COLOR][/U] would be decidedly too formal.[/li][li]In most contexts, excessive [U][COLOR=#0000ff]jewelry[/COLOR][/U] is considered out of place with semi-casual dress. Traditionally, this has been especially true for men, though during the late 20th century, earrings and necklaces became everyday objects of [U][COLOR=#0000ff]masculine[/COLOR][/U] attire for casual and semi-casual wear. More recently [U][COLOR=#0000ff]noserings[/COLOR][/U] and [U][COLOR=#0000ff]tongue piercings[/COLOR][/U] have become generally acceptable for both [U][COLOR=#0000ff]genders[/COLOR][/U] in semi-casual wear, though [U][COLOR=#0000ff]traditional[/COLOR][/U] offices still frown on them.[/li][*]Hair dyed in artificial colors and heavy [U][COLOR=#0000ff]cosmetics[/COLOR][/U] are generally considered inappropriate for semi-casual wear, although some offices exhibit leniency.[/ul]Usually means no jeans or tennis shoes as well.

Wear what you would wear to church but maybe dress it up a teeny bit more.

Gosh, Ginny - According to Wikipedia, I can wear a luxurious t shirt and light colored stockings! Maybe that’s all I’ll wear :slight_smile:
And I’ll leave the nose rings and tongue piercings at home. Although our music faculty is somewhat liberal, but that might be too much…

Actually, I think I will just for with black dress slacks and a nice top with a great pair of strappy black sandals.

lol, i love this thread. I have to deal with this all the time. semi-casual has to do with what that group already considers casual! If casual is jeans and tank tops then you just need to step it up a bit. Nice dressy jeans and a nice flattering top with any shoes will probably do. Accessories seem very suited to this category. On the other hand, if causal is dockers and polo for men, slacks, skirt, long shorts , and blouses for women, then you would need to step that up a bit too. Try a nice ‘do’ for your hair as well as a nice top that isn’t too revealing and some slacks or a modest skirt. In this sort of place I wouldn’t consider sandals, closed toed but no need for heals.

LOL, attire can be so complicated. I envy men. All it really changes for them is button up or polo? slacks or jeans? tucked in or not? dark or light? LOL, how wonderful that must be!

This has become interesting - who knew???

At the university, the faculty in our department generally dresses nicely - dress slacks and shirts for the men, sometimes polos, sometimes ties (if they are going to meetings). The women wear dresses or nice slacks and tops. Only occasionally do I see jeans (so far I have never worn them) an usually on the men.
Yikes! Dressing for a concert is so much easier!

hahahahahaha, yea leave the nose ring at home:roflhard: :roflhard: