Semi-apathy or something?

Hey everyone. Since I’m off from school for the summer and don’t have a regular job, I’ve been knitting obsessively for the past month. I’ve made a ton of things and learned so much . . . but I don’t know what to do now! I’m wanting to gradually start Christmas presents, but that’s not a pressing thing or something that I’m really wanting to dive into immediately.

I just did a Fair Isle hat, and I did a pair of socks (though one of them has a Goliath heel), a felted bag, and just some other random things. I feel apathetic about starting Christmas presents (and I’m in the middle of a Christmas present scarf - but BLEH I DON’T want to just do rows and rows and rows of k2p2 ribbing right now), and I just want to keep trying new things. I’m looking through patterns today and just don’t care for any thing - I’ve never had knitting apathy before! I’ve been getting more and more excited about it each day, but I just feel like I lack direction.

Does anyone have ideas for new and exciting things to try - a new pattern or technique to learn? Please share! :smiley:

How about Brooke’s Column of Leaves Scarf!!!

Just GOOGLE it and the pattern will pop up, it free, fun and a little bit of a challenge without being too too TOO hard!

Oooh, that’s beautiful! But honestly, I wouldn’t mind learning something really hard! I just want to learn something great :stuck_out_tongue: lol

have you tried illusion or modular knitting?

No, I haven’t. Several people in the Knitting Group at my LYS are doing modular knitting, but it hasn’t really struck my fancy.

Do any of you guys do illusion knitting? What’s it like?

i haven’t tried it yet, but a bunch of KHers in the harry potter KAL are using it.

These look a little tougher, the mitts are gorgeous, the vintage vest isn’t really hard per se but I find the vintage pattern tricky to understand, and the hat is a bit different (and yes, I am planning to make it for myself as well as my DD lol).

Possibly my next Fair Isle project:

Vintage - I see very modern possibilities for this one though:

Ridiculously adorable hat:

Illusion knitting looks very cool. I am planning a Linux theme illusion scarf. I just have to find the right yarn.

Illusion knitting is something I would like to try some time. I saw [COLOR=Red][B]this[/B][/COLOR] episode of Knitty Gritty. It’s a fabulous scarf!!! You should check it out!

If I were to try Illusion Knitting, I would definitely do that Counterpoint Piano Keyboard Scarf. Still though, I think I’m into something smaller and maybe more challenging than a scarf…

All good suggestions so far, though! Definitely stuff I’m going to use in the future. Any other ideas? :smiley: (See? I really do have a block - all these good ideas, but I’m still searching… lol)

Beginner-level cables and lace, gorgeous, in this scarf? -

ya know, this might be something fun to learn

What about an Entrelac Sweater? Fun and challenging at the same time.

I’ve seen a pattern somewhere that each part of the entrelac has a different pattern on it, like cables, bobbles, seed stitch etc. It’s really beautiful and something that I’ve thought about making for a long time, but I never get to it. I think this pattern is in a book and you might be able to get it from the library (a Debbie Bliss book maybe - I’m pretty sure that I have whichever book - I can check later).

Or what about a really challenging pair of aran gloves. Have you made gloves or mitts? I hear that gloves are super challenging and fun, and if you do it with the sock yarn you could have very cool stripes.

Another option would be to design something yourself.

I did the illusion knitting on a dishcloth. I think KPC has the fleur de lis pattern and it came out great. It’s a really quick knit and you have something unique to show for it.
I also did the ‘slip of a thing’ bag as an intro to mosaic knitting. That was also a lot of fun and a new technique.
Right now I am doing a dishcloth from LionBrand but my twist is using continental knitting. Two rows garter, two rows k1p1 rib is also a pattern to keep me interested as I concentrate on keeping the yarn in my left hand!
Good luck with finding your next project.