Selvedges and converting flat to round

Hi Everybody–

I am about to start my first ever sweater, the Aran Pullover by Falik and Nichols.
My first question has to do with Selvedges. The main cable pattern on the sweater is surrounded by seed stitch, which is not something I’ve ever seamed before so I thought it might be easier to create a selvedge, but I’ve never done one of those before either. Would I an two extra stitches for the selvedges?

Next, I am thinking of knitting the sleeves in the round to try and reduce the amount of seaming I have to do. The sleeves are knit in seed stitch and one of my questions is whether how the seed stitch is knit changes from when you knit it flat to in the round. The reason I ask is that unlike flat knitting, you can knit each row and get stockinette stitch–so I wanted to know if I need to do something different. And lastly, if I knit the sleeves in the round, do I reduce the number of cast on stitches a bit to allow for the fact I am not seaming?

Thanks for the help,

If you want to add a selvedge to the sweater, you can do it. Just add a stitch at each edge and work it in stockinette. However, seaming seed stitch may look daunting, but there are directions for it at Knitty, I believe. I know I’ve seen them somewhere.

You can take off two stitches on the sleeve if you want, but I don’t know how much difference it will make.

To work the seed stitch in the round, you purl the knits and knit the purls as they face you.

On one round you’ll kpkpkp and on the next pkpkpk.