I am going to start on a new project…a long coat. But I have questions on the Selvedge.
The pattern starts with 26 rows of double ribbing (2K, 2P). On the 27th row, the pattern starts with 4K, 104 pattern stitches, ending with 4K. (The cast on is 112 st. in total).
My question is what do I start the FIRST stitch with on Row1:
(1) K3, p2,k2 ending with 3K, [B]OR[/B]
(2) do I start with [B]P1[/B], K2,P2 ending with [B]P1[/B](as the P1’s would be the selvedge?)
I had read that double ribbing starts with a selvedge,then the k2,p2. I have always wondered if the selvedge should be the opposite of the first main pattern stitch.
I hope I make sense on this? Please help.
Thank you.:knitting:

Usually selvedge is worked in stockinette so you would knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side. When you seam the sweater, the edge stitches will be used up and it’s easier to seam knits than purls.

So for this project, I would start with k3, p2,k2 and ending up with k3 for the double ribbing of 26 rows?
Thank you