Selvedge question

When you do a selvedge edge, say you cast on 30 sts do you use the first and last st for the selvedge or do you add 2 sts to the cast on. I’m doing afghan blocks and I’ve been adding 2 sts on the cast on. Just wondering if it matters or not.


yes it matters…

no it doesn’t!

if you’ve been consistantly adding 2 stitches (1 for either edge) then continue to do so… (most sewn together afghan blocks will ‘lose’ a stitch in the seam.

Does it matter? it matters sometimes…
Just as how you ‘handle’ the selvage stitch matters sometimes.

MOST US patterns have a 'built in selvage stitch (just as US sewing patterns also include a seam allowance)

MANY (used to be most, but things are changing) European knitting patterns often don’t include a selvage stitch.

you have to read notes (about the pattern)

Your afghan could end up a few inches bigger than expected (usually not a problem!) but since an afghan doesn’t have to ‘fit’ its not really an issue.