selvedge for stocking stitch


I would general consider myself an experienced knitter - but I have never thought about this issue before! I’m making a baby blanket - and have absolutely no problem with the pattern, which requires the central panel to be made and then a border which is stitched to the central panel. I was thinking that a selvedge would be the neatest way to make the central panel and would be the least bulky (it’s 4 ply yarn in any case) when I come to attach the border. I cannot find a consensus online as to how to create a neat chain border on the edges. Some you tube videos suggest always slipping the first stitch purlwise and other say to slip knitwise and knit last stitch. Does anyone have any suggestions that they have actually used to produce a lovely neat edge that can easily be stitched to attach to the border.


A selvedge stitch can be any edge stitch you’d like, stockinette, reverse st st, garter but it’s differs from a chain edge. There are several ways to do a chain or slip stitch edge with similar results.


Thank you. This was just one of many videos I had watched. I was wondering if anyone had a preferred method - and their reasoning behind it. This one has left a very open/loose edge in my 4 ply (Uk) silk and baby alpaca yarn. I would have liked something a
little tighter.


I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for. But I recently tried a sock heel turn from a German knitter. It had a nice chain selvage edge. She knit stockinette stitch across to the last 3 sts, k2tog, slipped last st Purl wise. Then she turned the work, purled that slip stitch and the row to the 3 sts, p2tog. She slipped the last stitch, turned the work, knit the slip stitch, knit to last 3 sts, etc. you could try the slip stitches at the edges minus the decreases.