Selvedge edge?

Im gonna swatch out the pattern for THIS SCARF to see how it works with Bernat Denimstyle.

The first line of the pattern says “CO a multiple of 3 sts, plus one on each edge for selvedge”.

What is selvedge? :??


A selvedge edge is an extra stitch at each edge of the scarf. It makes a nice even edge, and it’s not counted in with the stitches. On the last scarf I did, I slipped the first stitch and knit the last stitch and it gave it a nice finished-looking edge.

Hi, this is usually called a selvage but I’ve seen it spelled selvedge too. Maybe it’s a US/European difference?

It’s just the edge of the fabric that’s on the sides of the stitches.

HTH, Renée :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ingrid!

Salieri, it may have been spelled that way on the pattern…I probably spelled it phonetically. Maybe Ill start pronouncing it that way, too…it’ll make me sounds FANCY.

[size=6]sel-VAZZHH :sunglasses: [/size]