selvedge edge for garter stitch

Hi everyone,

Can someone recommend a good edge for garter stitch? My edges look so messy, but slipping every first stitch didn’t help at all. I also tried slipping the first stitch and purling the last stitch on every row, which didn’t give a good result either.

I’m following the directions perfectly but my edges don’t like the nice examples I see.

Maybe there’s something that works better with garter stitch?

Have you tried slipping the first stitch purlwise?

I have but I didn’t like the look of it. Does it work for you?

I don’t usually slip an edge stitch unless it’s a sock heel. Sipping the first stitch purlwise as in the video and knitting the last stitch seems to work for me.
The other method is to knit the first stitch and slip the last purlwise and that seems to work too.

Do you mean that you usually don’t create an edge to your work?

So what I’ve tried now is slipping the first stitch purlwise and knitting the last stitch on the row (it’s a garter pattern anyway). It seems to look fine now. The trick was to hold the yarn back when slipping the first stitch.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Great! I’m glad that you have it working.
I often have an edge stitch for seaming but not a slip stitch edge.

How is an edge stitch different to a slip stitch?

A slip stitch is a type of edge stitch. You could work edge sts in garter pattern or stockinette, whatever. I just finished a cardigan with knitted in front ribbed bands. The edge of the ribbing was in garter.

OK, thanks for that clarification! I understand. But doesn’t your garter edge itself need an edge? Because I’m working in garter for my whole pattern. I am using a slip edge precisely because the garter is not nice, so I have a hard time imagining that it would make a nice border.

It’s a personal preference. I like the little bump at the edge, kind of a picot edging… I’ll post a photo when I get back home.


Anyway, I just noticed I’ve made a big mistake with my slip edge. I made a lovely edge on a piece that will only be a seam. But I didn’t make the edge on the actual edge, the one with the buttonhole… :unamused:

I’ve got the knitting blues now.

Yup, been there. It’s all experience. Give it a rest and then decide what to do.