I have a pattern for a cape that has slits where you put your arms through. The cape is divided into three parts for making these slits.

In making these armhole slits the pattern states:
"purl to lst st of first section, ince 1 st (for selvage): on the next section, inc 1 st (for the selvage) , purl to last st of center section, inc 1 st (for the selvage); on last section, inc 1 st (for the selvage), purl to end. continue to work each section at one time, keeping the k1 selvage at the armholes.

Does this mean I purl one row, adding one extra stitch at each armhole? Do I add a purl stitch or a Knit stitch?



Yes, you’re adding sts at each side of each armhole slit. How you add it (in k or p) probably doesn’t matter btw. It says to keep the selvedge sts in knit, but don’t know if they mean they should be garter sts? Is there a link to the pattern or a picture of the finished cape>

I am knitting in Vogue Winter 2008/2009. It is pattern number #3, called Textured Cape and is on page 81.

Thanks for your help.


I was thinking about this and decided to refresh the page to see if anyone had answered yet, and sure enough Sue has. :lol: I am thinking the same thing she is. I wasn’t sure if they were wanting you to keep that one stitch in garter, it kind of sounds like it, but I’m not sure what good a one stitch edge will do. Will one stitch prevent curling? I doubt it. Does it look really good? Not to my eyes. (I did a little sample with a one stitch garter edge) I don’t know what I would do.

Maybe the ‘edge stitch’ is for the application of a ribbing to be picked up later.

Here is VOGUE (Fall 2005) cape that I made. See the armhole ribbing that was picked and and knit during ‘finishing’? I had to create an ‘edge stitch’ too.

Stitches are picked up later on in the pattern, but I am still wondering if I add a stitch at each edge of arm slit and then just knit them coming back. I guess I am confused on why I have to increase at each edge of arm slit. Won’t I end up with a lot of extra stitches?

The extra ‘edge stitches’ are possibly needed for the picking up of the ribbing and/or finishing application. The extra stitch disappears into the picking up and turns to the inside. If you don’t create the edge stitches, the [I]cape surface must donate the extra stitch[/I] for the pickup row of the finishing application (ribbing or whatever is called for). If the cape surface has to donate the extra stitches for the pickup for the ribbing, the cape will narrow and suffer the consequences.

In knitting, whenever I have a doubt about some particular instruction, I just do it anyway…and eventually ‘the reason’ becomes clear.

What ArtLady says makes good sense. I hadn’t thought about picking up the stitches around the slits :eyes: , but that is logical. It doesn’t seem like you would need to keep it in garter to do that then does it, ArtLady? Maybe better to just have it in whatever stitch is at the edge?

Oooh. I get it now. I guess there would need to be extra stitches to pick up.

Thanks to everyone.


Yep, I agree with ArtLady’s reasoning; add extra sts to the armhole openings to pick up for the ribbing. And now that we know what they’re for, it makes sense to keep those sts in stockinette (k on RS/p on WS) which would make it easier to pick up in them.

I can’t remember what ‘stitch’ I used for the ‘edge stitches’, but IMMO, it doesn’t matter if it’s st st or g st. As long as there IS an edge stitch for the pocket ribbing ‘trim’. :happydance:

Good luck with your cape! I think I have that issue of Vogue.
I’ll have to look it up! I like mine, but I’m not perfectly comfortable with the placement of the slits. Prolly cuz my arms are short…and most patterns are designed for tall women.