Selvage stitch---help!

Here’s the pattern,

It states:

(multiple of 4 sts plus 2, plus 2 selvage sts)

Row 1 (RS) K1 (selvage st), k2, *k2tog, yo, k2; rep from *, and last rep k1 (selvage st).[/COLOR][/COLOR]

I have 108 stitches before starting this pattern. 108 is a multiple of 4. Do I then add 2 more stitch plus another 2 more for the selvage stitch? If so, 108 st will become 112? Can I ask how do I do that?

And I have been reading about the selvage stitch…but haven’t done a project that calls for this stitch. This will be my first time. To make this selvage st, do I just slip the 1st st knitwise and knit the last stitch?

Please help!:??

Yes, that’s exactly what you should do. The repeat between the asterisks is 4sts and the k2 in front of the asterisk is the plus 2. The k1’s at the beginning and end of the row are the selvedge sts. You can slip the first and knit the last stitch in each row (this is particularly neat if the edge isn’t part of a seam or if you will pick up sts on the edge) or you can knit the sts as the directions say. It’s a matter of preference.
If you haven’t cast on 112sts, you could increase 4 sts over the 108 that you have now by increasing just after the first st and just before the last stitch and then 2 places about a third and two-thirds of the way along the row. (See Free Vidos tab at the top of the page for Increases if you need to.)
Good luck with this very lovely pattern!

No you don’t add extra stitches, they’re already in the pattern. On the first row you can see the 4 st multiple (k2tog and k2), the plus 2 is the k2 before them, and the 2 selvede sts are the first and last k1. The k2 and 2 k1s add up to 4 also so that works with 108 sts. You don’t need anymore sts.