I’ve had several people tell me I should sell the knitted accessories I make. I would love too, but I don’t know where to start. I have lots of yarn and need to de-stash. Any advice would be helpful.

You might check out Etsy. It’s for handmade items. Just make sure that your items are either your own creation or that it’s not against copyright to sell things made from the patterns. Unfortunately it often is. :doh:

Ebay is always a good place. One thing i’d like to do someday would be to make a bunch of things then have a yard sale.

A friend of mine sells some of her things (like the cutest baby hats ever!) in a baby boutique by consignment. Try some local shops and see if they could use some knitted specialty items. Having them in more upscale shops means more money- it’s often hard to sell handcrafts for much more than the yarn cost.

Good luck with your new venture!