Selling your stuff

What is a good price to charge for knitted items? I’ve heard many different things…like twice the price of the yarn, triple the price plus the yarn, one of the previous two + an hourly wage. I don’t want to overcharge because I’d like for people to buy it. Any suggestions?

I charge 7.00 per scarf. Most of my yarn stash was purchased at a close out sale so I’m not losing any money, IMO. I don’t want to overcharge either. I’m feel comfortable about the price and so far no one has complained.

Hi katiebug081504,
Nice to meet you…& glad you brought up a question that is not easy to answer. I started a home-based specialty sewing, embroibery & knitting business several years ago & one of the hardest parts of it is pricing! You are correct when you said that a price of an item should be 3-3.5 x’s the amount of your materials, but it sometimes doesn’t work out that way…Have you ever put an hourly wage on your time? Some projects take me hours to do & if I considered that, the final price of the item would be costly for my customer. Fortunately I have a wonderful lady who is a wholesale distributor for the Plymouth Yarn co & gives me a great discount on their beautiful yarns. I like combining textures when I knit scarves & shawls to give the item a unique look. I also like using yarns imported from Italy, France, England, etc. That’s not to say that the U.S. yarns are not good too! it is just my preference. I charge $40-50 for a scarf & up to $75 for a hat/scarf set…I love using mohair & alpaca yarns for these items. I recently made several baby/children’s sweaters using sock yarn & a size 2-3 needles. As a knitter you know that sock yarn knit on those needles take time!!! The cost of the yarn was so minimal…so, when I price the sweater I must consider the time verus the cost of the materials…What would you charge for something like that? I also made an adorable hat to match…
Do you have your own business? Do you sell @ craft/holiday fairs?
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Believe it or not, I know of a woman making shawls at around $25 at most an item and she’s selling them at an overseas boutique for $350. Simple items, no fancy stitching. Amazing.

I would also be concerned about putting people off re the price but I have seen people including a yarn describing how many balls of yarn, the fineness of the yarn and the time spent to make the item. This tends to inform the buyer it wasn’t really done in an hour!

I’d be scared I admit to charge $50 for a scarf given large dept stores sell them more cheaply. I KNOW it’s not the same but…you know…:think: Glad to hear though that you can receive due pricing credit for your work!

Knit4u, I don’t have a business or anything. We had a yardsale this morning and I sat some stuff out, but didn’t sell anything. I really don’t know what I’d sell the stuff for. So far, most of the things I have made are acrylic. I priced my scarves for $10 today. I think what I might end up doing is sitting out on the sidewalk downtown at my college to try and sell some stuff. We will see how it goes.