Selling stuff

I have knitted a few items that I have gotten a number of compliments on. One item that a few people commented on was from a pattern that I got on a web site. My question is this: Is it against some kind of copyright law or other to sell items either on
E-Bay or other (even locally) made from existing patterns?


I think you have to check with the pattern designer- they can give you the right to sell it, or not.

This is a topic that gets discussed a lot here. If you do a topic search you should find lots of opinions. If you are knitting exactly from a pattern you need to read the pattern and see if it is copyrighted for personal use only. I know alot of people disagree with me, but I think there are certain instances were it is okay to sell your items and let’s face it - if nobody sold their crafts there would be no craft fairs. All those crafters got their ideas from somewhere.

Another option if it is friends that are commenting on your knitting is ask them to purchase the materials and you will knit it for them without adding a labor fee. That’s usually what I do.

If a pattern doesn’t say you definitely need to ask the designer. Some patterns require that you buy a license to sell, others just forbid making a profit from their design. Best thing to do is to design your own then there are no problems. :wink:

Just asking opinion for my information (and lack of experience).

Now I have a question about what is actually considered your “own design”. I am not considering selling the item, I just want to know if it would be considered “my design”.

I have a pattern for a dish cloth that is very lacy and pretty at one edge, when I saw it finished I thought it would make a beautiful table runner. I modified and rewrote the pattern, increasing the size and layout of the lace pattern. Now, is it a new design or just a modified design? It will look nothing like the dish cloth but you will see some of the same stitches (pattern stitch) just laid out differently.

IMO it’s all yours now. Is the lace pattern something that is her specific design or is it in stitch books and such?

The original pattern is from a dishcloth book. The lace pattern is really easy with combinations of slip 1, k2 tog, PSSO and inc./dec. and dropped YO.