Selling some stash yarn **more added**

Hey knitters, I wanted to offer up some of my stash yarns if anyone is interested. My ebay seller name (100% positive feedback!) is cburgess8. I would prefer paypal, and I will pay shipping. Just email me if interested. Thanks
I have:

7 skeins of plymout Jelli beenz, color 217, all the same dye lot. This is a 75/25 acrylic/wool, machine washable, worsted weight, it knits up very nice and soft, I used 7 skeins to make a baby blanket and have 7 left. retail for $4.50, I am asking $25 for all 7.

1 Skein of cascade 220 quatro in purples. asking $6

1 skein of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino arain, in a rose/ pink color, asking $5.

Thanks for looking[/img]

4 skeins of 1824 cotton by mission falls, color fog. One ball does not have its ball band, I did a test swatch then frogged it. Asking $ 15 for all 4.

Total of 5 skeins of Joann sensations thick n thin yarn. 3 are base color blue with multi color flecks, 2 are base color red with multicolor flecks. This is a super bulky weight, reccomended needle size is 19, it is 75% wool 25% acrylic, 59 yards a ball. I paid $3 a ball for this, would like to get at least $12 for all 5, or offer if you want them individually.

AND, 1 bag of worsted weight wool scraps. Most of this is patons and wota. It weighs about 300 grams so should be about 650 yards. This is all scraps from felting projects so it will all felt. Say $7 for the bag.

Jelli beenz is still here, make me an offer. Need to clear out some yarn so I can get some more!! hee hee :teehee: [/color]
Thanks again for looking


I am interested in the cascade and debbie bliss :teehee: Do you know if the one skein of debbie bliss is enough to make one womans hat?

Aimee, I pm you, did you get it? Anyone interested in the jelli beenz? Make an offer!

yes I did :teehee: Ill take it but I dont get paid until the end of the week :pout:

just bumping. :hug:

I really love the stash bag of feltable yarn … just need to justify this to my husband since I am currently trying to destash yarn that is taking over our office…I need help !!

I’ll buy the felting scraps if vaknitter can’t justify it to her hubby. :teehee: I’ve been wanting to make some little embellishments for my felted bags, but don’t want to use new skeins. :oops: I’m new here, but have 100% positive feedback on ebay if you want to pm me for details.


Sorry gail, the scrap bag is sold :frowning:

For anyone interested I still have the mission falls cotton, and the joannes thick and thing. Make me an offer.

Chrissy I get paid tommorrow :cheering: …and then the cascade and debbie bliss is mine :teehee:

woohoo aimee, it a waiting for you!

I still have the 1824 cotton and the Joannes thick and thin. Someone must want these? Make me an offer! I really want some new yarn, and can’t thik of anything to do with these!

I found your ebay account and I don’t see anything listed for sale :shrug: Am I missing something?! I would like to pay by paypal as well, please get back to me :muah:

Chrissy I sent payment today…Thanks for being so patient with me :muah: