Selling our house

As if I don’t have enough things encroaching on my knitting time now I am spending time cleaning out closets and hiding the dog crate and bed and all the boys’ Tonka trucks for showings so we can sell our house. Knitting needles crossed please we have 2 showings this week and one of them sounds really promising.

Wishing you a speedy offer that you want to accept so you can be done!

I remember going through this myself. It was certainly difficult in so many ways. Hope all goes well with the showing and there are many buyers who want exactly your house.

Where are you moving to?

Good luck selling the house! I hope it goes smoothly!

I went through that a couple of years ago. sold my farm. went from a 5 bedroom century farm house in the middle of nowhere, to a small 2 bedroom apt in a small city. (MAJOR lifestyle change!) had to keep it clean, pet/horse hair free, and the day I listed it, a skunk fell into the basement through an open window!

needles crossed for you. :slight_smile:

don’t tell anyone but the realtor thinks we will be under contact by Tuesday…

is it odd I feel nauseous rather than excited?

Jan we are moving closer to town so that our boys will go to better schools and the hubs drive to work will be shorter and so the boys will have a neighborhood with friends etc. We are pretty far out in the county now.

Fingers crossed.
All good reasons to make the move. Hope it all goes smoothly and you’re settled into the new home soon!