Selling on Esty ~ Help or Headache?

I have looked through their website and it looks like something I’d really like to do full time. Their fees seems more resonable than Ebay.

I’d like to know how many of us here also have a store on Esty. What do you offer? Has it been a profitable venture for you? Has it been hard to keep all the paperwork that is required when filing your taxes, etc.? Any information you have to share is wanted. Thanks.

I would like to know this as well. I’ve been thinking about setting up a store for some time now. I just need to figure out my niche and then make the time to make some inventory. I look around on etsy at least once a week and try to figure out what’s selling and what isn’t.

There are people who take goods on consignment for their stores.
You may want to check that out. See if your product goes. If it does you can start your own sometime down the future.

I just started my store yesterday, so i wont be much help to you, but I take things on consignment. I think its an awsome idea. The more thats there, the more they stay and look around and possibly buy stuff.

just an idea…I hope i get some people to consign with me.


I’ve always thought that Etsy’s website looked interesting as well. If anyone here has had any experience with the site I’d be interested in hearing about it!