Selling on eBay

Wasn’t there a thread on here about selling yarn from unraveled sweaters? I did a search but couldn’t find it. So anyway, anyone ever sell yarn from unraveled goodwill sweater finds? on eBay? at craft fairs? anywhere? I’m thinking of doing this (there is so much good 100% wool ugly sweaters at my local goodwill) to make extra money and i wanna get some tips.

I did this for awhile, but found it was taking over my knitting time so I have stopped. I found a sweater that was 100% Alpaca wool and was so soft and such a pretty blue that I am still kicking myself for selling it. I didn’t have any fancy tools so my husband would unravel a sweater while I wind it into a ball. I never lost money doing this, but just found it was taking up to much of my time.

Exactly. How much is your time worth? It probably takes at least two hours to unravel a sweater like that and make the yarn balls look nice.

I’ve unravelled a couple cashmere sweaters, but I plan on keeping the yarn for myself!

I just put a bid in on some recycled lace weight yarn. I never have any luck finding nice sweaters to recycle. :frowning:

I usually find mine at thrift stores, or Goodwill stores, or Salvation Army stores, or consignment stores.

The first time I went searching, it took FOREVER, because I was having to read the label of absolutely EVERY sweater I found. I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing different fibers by feel, so it’s much easier now. I still sometimes mistake some acrylics though! :doh:

I look for wool, cashmere, angora, and silk.

Be sure to look in the men’s section also, because those sweaters are sometimes very large, and you’ll get LOTS of yarn!

Good luck! :thumbsup: