Selling knitted stuff.. how much to charge?

OK my daughters playgroup is doing a table at a craft fair and we are all putting things in to sell to go towards our group.

I volunteers to make baby hats and booties (small and easy, figured I could make several of these pretty quickly)

The question is now, how much do we put on them? We want them to sell, I am not benefiting from this so it really doesn’t matter to me. But I don’t want to OVER price them or UNDER price them KWIM?

Suggestions :muah:

I have never sold my knitting but I guess the first question you have to ask yourself is what type of yarn is it? If it’s acrlyic maybe sell the hats/booties as a set .
I dunno ~ maybe $ 5 hat??

I’m mostly just using leftovers… I believe its the Caron Simply Soft. :??

And I want to put the hats and matching booties together to be sold as sets.

The selling price should be 3 or 4 times the cost of supplies. This is a general standard for handmade items but can be altered based on quality, demand, place of selling etc. :slight_smile: