Selling Knitted Projects

This doesn’t exactly fall into the ‘How-To’ category, but here goes: is it legal for the average consumer to use patterns or instructions found in books to make projects to sell? If not, then where do we find free-to-use patterns?


By and large, you can’t use someone’s pattern to knit an item and then sell it for profit.

However, most patterns (free or otherwise) will have a ‘statement’ about the use of the design for profit, and other uses.

You COULD use a knitting software program to design your own garments for sale. Get a good knitting stitches “bible” to get some ideas about the pattern stitch you want to use; get the yarn lined up; knit a swatch that suits the yarn and pattern stitch; and then enter that data into a knitting software program! You could sell any garment using that method! :thumbsup:

There was a recent thread that provided a good link on this topic.

I found the Copyright FAQ for Knitters
to be quite helpful.

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