Selling knitted items

How do you know when you can sell items from patterns you find on the internet? I don’t mean to step on any toes, if I’am with this question or to pattern makers here.:aww:
I found a pattern online that another person found on Lionsbrand that was a crochet, and she switched it to knitting.
It’s this pattern actually

I have shared this with a few other moms that are wanting me to knit this for them. They would pay me. I also ebay and thought it would be fun to put a few there to see if they’d sell. Can I do that?

thanks for any help.:slight_smile:

This thread might help answer your question. There is a link in the first post regarding selling knitted items and legalities.

Thank you so much for the link!

BTW, my brother is a huge Packers fan.:wink: