Selling Knitted Items

Hey you all! I have a little store online and was wondering if there were patterns out there that allowed you to sell items made from it. Or if you know of patterns where they allow you to buy a cottage license. I am looking for mostly kids items…like hats, clothing, shoes, toys, etc. TIA

You would have to get express permission, in writing, from the copyright holders of the patterns.

You’re always better off to do your own designs for sale.

I asked a similar question this morning and got a few people to weigh in (see the General Knitting Forum) but yes, it seems like the best and safest way to go is to design your own. I don’t know yet if anyone would allow the sale of items made from their pattern, but most of the patterns say that they are expressly not for commercial use.

So I’m going to learn how to make up patterns! {sigh}

i agree. it would me much more simple to design very easy items to knit up.