Selling knit stuff

I decided to start saving money, and came up with some questions.

  • What are the most sold knit stuff?
  • What’s the best way to sell them? Should I sell them to a store, or… should I sell them directly?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t know about the market in Colombia, but here in the US, it’s hard to make money knitting. People never want to pay enough to cover your time, and if you use quality yarn, they don’t want to pay for that either. Also, it’s hard to knit lots of items when you’re doing everything yourself by hand. You might want to try consignment in stores, or craft shows/fairs. Good luck, Andres!
They sell handmade items. I’ve had 3 customers in the last 5 wks. It’s working well. I don’t know if we can say what sells the most unless we’re in the distribution business. I do arm warmers for now.

I was just coming to post that Heather. Thanks!

I’m not sure, but I [I]think[/I] knit items sell well. People specially like bags, hats and native american stuff.


Do you know if I can sell on from Colombia?



I can sell from Colombia!..

…I just started an etsy account, by the way.


Did you open a store? I’d love to have the link. :slight_smile:

One more thing to be careful of… if you are using patterns some of them stipulate that you are not to make a profit from them. Best idea is to make up your own patterns, but otherwise check the ones you’re using and write the designer if necessary for clarification.

Not yet, but soon…

Don’t worry. I’m going to use only my own patterns.

I’m about to finish a chullo (my own pattern), by the way. I’ll let you all know when it’s finished.


Etsy is an awesome place!!
Has anyone tried any of their yarns on the web page?