Selling items made from purchased pattern

I have an opportunity to sell some slippers I have made from a purchased pattern. My question is, since I purchased the pattern (in a legitimate store bought way) is there any problem with doing this? I plan on attaching a tag with washing instructions, and my contact information. Do I need also need to add that it is a _______ pattern, which can be purchased at Or can I just sell them? They will be sold on a consignment basis at a local children’s store in the town where I live.
Thanks for your thoughts on this. Now that the deal is in the works I don’t want to back out on the owner, but I also don’t want to be in trouble with the “copyright police”.

Does the actual pattern address this at all? Some do.

If the pattern doesn’t state that you can sell the items you make then I would contact the designer to make sure. Some patterns will give you a limit on how many you can make before you have to contact the designer :thumbsup:

The pattern doesn’t say anything about selling the items, but I think I will go to the company website and see if there is anything there. Thanks

What slipper pattern is it? Who is the designer?

Even it’s not on the pattern I believe the copyright is still in effect. :think:

Selling is addressed here:

Always contact the designer though if there is a question. If they respond in the affirmative print and keep a copy of the correspondence. If they can’t be contacted I wouldn’t risk selling anything.

I always assume that unless they say you can use it, you can’t.

I’d try to get in contact with them directly before selling.People nowadays just look for opportunities to sue O_O Usually, they aren’t just happy to have what you made and the money earned.

Sorry I didn’t list the pattern earlier. It is the felted clog slipper from Fiber Trends, and I sent an e-mail to the company earlier today. I realize it is the weekend so I don’t expect an answer until the next couple of days. I will let you know what they tell me.

My guess is that Fiber Trends, being a commercial pattern distributor will be pretty strict about copyright infringements. I may be wrong but I wouldn’t sell anything made from one of their patterns without written permission.

I absolutely agree.

I’m assuming you’ve been to the Fiber Trends website, but she’s also on Ravelry. You could contact her there as well.

Another thing about Fiber Trends: when you purchase a pattern from them at your LYS, it’s printed on HOT PINK or NEON BLUE card stock paper! Just TRY to scan that! Just TRY to ask your printer to make a copy for you! Yeah, right!

Me thinks they are very concerned about copyright infringement and rightly so.

I just want to say this, ahem… if you don’t say it’s produced from Pattern XYZ by Whatever, Inc., then who is the wiser?

This statement is only an observation on my point. A purely hypothetical, “what if?” question of metaphysics. Your mileage may vary.

Hypothetically speaking…I would feel cheap and dirty if I claimed a pattern as my own.Technically that’s what I would be doing if I just didn’t tell anyone I designed it but also didn’t name who did.

…Also technically speaking; if the designer was paid a rather large sum or the amount I pay for the pattern doesn’t exactly go to the designer because it was pay on design, not pay per units sold…I would have no problem stealing it seeing as to how I’d be making a rather small amount of money and the original designer wouldn’t be getting ripped off too bad because they don’t exactly benefit in the first place.

Morality is like that.Very, very gray and never, ever definite.And personally only explicable through long run-on sentences.

Claim nothing… We need a shifty eyed smiley :wink: