Selling homespun

I put a picture of some yarn I had woven on my blog and had someone approach me about buying some… how do you set a price on it… any thoughts…the blue is what they liked… the brown is some alpaca I have been working on…

As a general rule, I charge anywhere from 5 cents to 25 cents a yard. I’ll charge more or less depending on how fine the fiber is. Or if I hand dyed the fiber myself, or prepared it from raw fleece. I’ll also consider what I spent on the fiber itself. If I get a good deal, I’m fine with passing that on to the buyer. Besides, I sell my hand spuns just so I can buy more fiber! :slight_smile:

Gorgeous hand spuns by the way! :cheering:

[color=indigo]Really beautiful yarns! :cheering:


Thank you for the nice comments on my homespun. My thought was if I could sell some I could buy more fiber…I found some on ebay that I REALLY like.

Hello My name is Trina and I am a fiberaholic…

Uh, where? I don’t see any pictures? :pout:

Uh, where? I don’t see any pictures? :pout:[/quote]

Sometimes you have to be logged in or you cannot see the pictures, try that out hopefully it will help you :heart:

I am logged in, but I’m wondering if the pics might be in TrinaOR’s blog? Oh well, I’m sure they are lovely indeed.

[color=indigo] Dear Trina, If you visit my web site on the fiber page i have a pricing chart. I do mainly art type yarns. Yours are very lovely and so very beautifully done!! I just went to a nearby yarn store in my rural VT town, and they had hand dyed sock weight, about 200 yds for $32 and up. That was in color families of hand spot dyed.Now for single colors you should go less. Only you can determine the time and work. However the best advice is to visit a yarn shop and see what similar yarns would go for… and remember YOURS Is ART!
Hope this helps. This is my first post to this site and I am so happy to be here, i am always looking for spinners!! See my spinning journey on the websites below. I LOVE SPINNING![/color]

Stunning yarn! I sell mine for $6 - $10/oz., depending on the fineness of the yarn. That’s for Corriedale and Merino. Any fibre which was much more expensive, I would up the price a bit, but I find that the actual cost of the fibre does not have that much to do with the cost of the yarn.

Your yarn is gorgeous! :heart: :heart:

Ah! NOW I can see the picture! When I’m on my work machine, I can’t see the pics (must be blocked), but here on the home laptop – gorgeous yarns to be seen.