Selling arts/crafts


i am hoping y’all can help out. i have started to do needlepoint, knitting and i have also hand painted a few wood items to sell but am having a tough time selling them, i have tried ebay, craigslist and kijiji but no luck. does anyone have ANY idea were i can sell these items w/ any success? can i sell them on this forum? i am looking for sites that’d be ‘craft themed’


It’s almost impossible to sell items you make for what they are actually worth. You might try Etsy, but be aware that many patterns do not allow you to sell things made from their patterns…even free ones. Always check the pattern, the website and/or the designer to look for that information. Your best bet is to design things yourself that you want to sell.

I frequently donate my crafts to the local church for fundraising bazaars and the like. It’s hard to sell a lot of handmade items at a profit since mass production makes a lot of items available for cheaper than the cost of yarn.