Sellers on ebay

anyone else noticing people on ebay selling (readily availabale) yarns, supplies, magazines for more than they retail for.
what’s up with that?

I know it’s bad but I have an overwhelming urge to make a comment… bad bad bad. but honestly!

a sucker is born every minute? supply and demand?

seriously- something is worth only what someone else is willing to pay that minute. I have (admittedly) paid more for some things I really wanted b/c I needed them faster than I could get otherwise. If the stuff didn’t sell, they would drop their price. Plus, everyone in business wants to MAKE money… Finally (off the soapbox), many eBAY’ers don’t charge for shipping supplies like bubblewrap, they wrap the business cost into the price. (or they charge some nominal amount)

Comments to sellers no matter how well intentioned about their prices generally go unnoticed at best, and start a flame war at worst…

-an eBay lover… MKZ

i’m not sure which items you’re referring to, but remember to that different regions have different prices so it could be a sale to someone else. for instance, here i can get mmmmmmalabrigo readily at under $11 a hank, but just 240 miles away on the other coast (hi, marce!) same hank is like $15. and also some of those items might not be available at all to people through another outlet. i still hate seeing stuff like that in OUR industry, though, gets my goat (sheep?) too.

Oh yeah… I’ve seen it many times. I’m not experienced enough to recognize it for knitting supplies, but other stuff… :!!!: I’ve even seen ebay sellers trying to sell a free coupon code!!


I am a HUGE e-bay fan but I NEVER buy anthing from e-bay that I don’t know the retail pricve for.

A great example is a yarn baller, I was looking on e-bay, decided to check the retail price and found it on the JoAnn site with a 50% off coupon for heaps less.

Ebay shudder

I saw this, too. One of those things where you have to do so many promotional offers to get a “free” big prize like a computer or flat screen tv. Those :!!!:

Or they’ll sell items for comparable prices (or even slightly lower), but then gouge you on shipping and handling! :!!!:

When I was selling all my stash off a couple weeks ago, I always listed my prices, and then the retail prices of the yarn so people could see the price difference. When I am buying yarn, I always go to yarndex and check the retail price.

I check for yarn on ebay all the time and there are RARELY any good deals!!!

I also might add that not everyone is just trying to sell of their stuff. 90% of all the yarn sales I see on eBay are online businesses that just use eBay as their method of selling. So why would they offer discounts?

I shake my head EVERYTIME I go on E-bay :shrug: :?? What the heck are people thinking buying yarn they can get for less in a store :??
I have seen people pay WELL over $2.50 for Caron (and thats without the shipping)Simply Soft when you can go to Wal-Mart and get it for $2.20.I always check prices before I buy from E-bay :cheering: I have gotten many good deals on E-bay :cheering:

Was JUST on ebay. Someone has 13 balls of andean silk for $50, plus shipping. The cost per ball comes to $4.24. Knitpicks would be $3.99 per ball and free shipping. HUH.

But, I did see some Debbie Bliss Astrakhan sell for $3.33 since a ball in a lovely periwinkle yesteday. I didn’t buy it cuz I don’t know what I would do with it, but it was a very good deal. The seller had lots of colors that went for way below retail. Just like with anything, check prices elsewhere first.

You do have to remember that some people have no access to a LYS and like to buy on Ebay for one reason or another. I know some that don’t use credit cards so only buy from Paypal sites. Not everyone knows about or likes Knitpicks either (it’s not “brand name” and they can’t see/touch it). I say if someone has the yarn you want/need, why not buy it wherever you find it. If someone is willing to buy what you have, sell it for whatever they are willing to pay!


I think you use to get good “deals” on many things when Ebay first was started. Now days I think everyone has caught on and there are not as many bargains to be had. :shrug:

I have gotten some incredible deals on my favorite yarn on e-bay. I have also gotten some wholesale lots of wool yarn that I use for knitting hats and mittens for our local shelter for much cheaper than I could have ever bought it.

The secret is to check for your favoirte items daily, you might go weeks without finding anything then out of the blue something appears at a price you can’t beat.

Last month I got four skeins of Schaefer Esperanza for around 12.00 a skein, it retails for 38.00.