Self Stripping yarn

Hi everyone…I am not very yarn savvy:aww: and I am in search of a self-striping:thumbsup: yarn in a worsted wght…All I am finding is fingering/sock stuff…Thanks all:hug:

The first thing that comes to my mind is Noro – either Kureyon or Silk Garden. The self-striping colorways are gorgeous.

But there are plenty of less expensive stripey yarns in the worsted category. Try going to and clicking on “any brand” and “worsted.” Or check the Berrocco and Lion Brand sites.

Try Paton’s SWS, SWTC Karaoke, Plymouth Boku. Berrocco may have one, but I don’t know its name.


Let’s see… couldn’t find any that would self-strip, but I did find some self striping! (j/k!):wink: I’m not sure how these all work up, but you can look on Ravelry and see what has been made in them to see the fabrics they produce.

These two are actually not worsted…more like DK or sport, but they stripe a lot like sock yarn.

ha ha, Jan, I was thinking the same thing about yarn that would strip! Maybe more guys would take up knitting?

Well, thanks all and I was on Rav checking out the yarns…but I did spell savvy right :roflhard: and the moral of the story is always wear your specks when typing!!!

Oh boy, I hear you there! I really can’t read at all w/o them! :hug:

Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” comes in some self-striping shades.

That’s why I knit. I’m the one in control of leaving loose ends for people to grab and pull.

I am knitting a pair of socks with Bernat Jr Jaquards…that seems to be a fun self striping yarn!

Oh… now… see… one of these days I’ll learn not to click on the pretty little links. I always find more things I want to add to my stash. If only I would find as many things to [I]do[/I] with said stash. Then maybe dear fiance wouldn’t look at new UPS packages with that “why me?” sort of expression. :teehee: