Self striping yarn?

This spring I bought two skeins of Patons SWS. I just began a project with one of them this evening. The colorway is pale yellow, orange and a melon color. As I am knitting away on a new hat, I see the middle of my skein is a completely different - it is brown and green, and then the end seems to change back into the yellow/orange. The other skein I bought is the exact opposite - it starts out green/brown and then changes in the middle the yellow/orange. I thought I bought two different colorways but it seems that these are the same, but just looked entirely different. Is this normal? I have to say that the ballbands are identical and I know it is my fault, but I am still surprised that these are the same yarn! Has this happened to anyone else? :think:

It depends how they’re wound, which color they start at and end with. It’s not too unusual - I saw some Caron Simply Soft Shadows yesterday where two skeins of the same color looked totally different. At least you could see all the colors that are in the yarn.

typically, you can get many different shades from skein to skein, though one thing to check for is a “Dye lot” number. Generally, if they are the same, they will be pretty much the same color throughout the skeins. But some yarns also mention a “No Dye Lot” typically acrylics do this, but I’ve seen others as well. all that basically means is that they have the same color throughout.

I think it sounds like the yarns are of the same dye lots (the colours match) but they are starting at different spots in the “pattern”

I find this with Noro a lot. I’ll have one skein be blue-green-yellow-red, and the other be green-yellow-red-blue.

(It’s a little early for me right now. Does that make sense?)

i have used that colorway in SWS. it sounds the same for me. i really liked how my clapotis turned out.

Thanks for everyone’s opinion/info. They are the same dye lot, I was just surprised they were the same colorway. I am going to keep working of this hat and I will let you know how it comes out. Live and Learn!


I don’t think I’ve seen a self-striping yarn that starts and ends with the same color. If I want to either start two sleeves with the same color, or start with the color I’m ending with, I have to pull out the middle strands to see what’s next.

I’ve even had to rewind a skein from the outside because it seemed the colorway was reversed. Good think I like playing with yarn.:teehee:

i had that happen with noro. you can manipulate the color sequence by breaking the yarn then joining it in with the color of choice. that way the striping goes how you want, and you don’t waste yarn HTH

Yup…I agree with Jeani! :thumbsup: