Self-striping yarn shows color change on wrong side

Hey there! I’m new here, so sorry if I’m doing this whole process incorrectly… I’m knitting a baby bib using self striping yarn. I just got to the end and realized the side that had shown little to no signs of color change has a long line showing where the yarn went from purple to blue. Can I do anything to fix that? First I have a picture of my yarn. Then my pattern. Then the side with little to no change except the long chain from purple to blue, and then the side that showed most the change. Thank you!

That’s the way it works out. Consider it part of the overall patterning or design and all’s good. Garter stitch will show those purl bumps on the other side, not on the side with knit stitches. In stockinette the line of bumps will all be on the purl side.

One way to put all the color changes on the same side is to rip back to the green yarn and then take out a row of green. Cut the yarn leaving a tail to weave in later and knit across with the purple so that the color change shows up on the same side as the other changes.
There are many patterns that take advantage of the color change on the outside or RS row but If you don’t like it, then cutting the yarn and weaving in the ends later is one way around it.

That’s makes sense. I’ll just leave it be then. :slight_smile: Thank you, both of you, very much!