Self-Striping Worsted?

I’ve made several pairs of socks with self-striping sock yarn using various patterns, but the patterns don’t seem to show as much as I’d like, so I’m switching to solid sock yarn.
My pattern for worsted wool socks, however, is mostly stockinette, so I’d like some self-striping worsted. I’ve checked several of the yarns I have bookmarked with no luck. Does anyone know whether there is such a thing? I know there are multi-colored worsted wools, but most I’ve found don’t make stripes, just flecks.

If you go to the Yarn tab on Ravelry and do an advanced search for worsted and keyword self-striping there are a couple of people who are selling their own spun self-striping worsted weight yarn.

I also found [I]SWTC Karaoke[/I] as well as [I]Schoeller +Stahl’s Big Print[/I] which comes in self-striping and varigated colors when I did a general worsted weight search, but most of the worsted weight yarn seems to be varigated.

Good luck!

I have used Patons SWS for socks. I liked the result but the stripes were’nt as well defined as self striping sock yarn. Etsy has alot of indie dyers, if you see something you like, maybe they could dye it for you in worsted wt.

Try checking out this page or this one (Jawoll, Landscape and Marathon give very defined striped and “engineered print” patterns)

Fabel is now making a worsted weight sock yarn called Big Fabel. I have used the regular Fabel and the patterning is great. You can see it here. It is available in many LYS in USA and Canada.

I got some Adriafil Knitcol this weekend. It is DK weight and self patterning, in some cool stripes. It comes in some cool colors.