Self-striping bias knit blanket. Advice please?

If I want to make a rectanglar blanket on the bias, will self-striping yarn carry the stripes in the same direction? I don’t want to end up with stripes going 2 or 3 different directions. R1 is inc. row. R2 is K all. Thx for any help.

Depending on the length of the color runs in the self-striping yarn, you should be fine. If the length of a single color is short, you won’t have complete stripes running from edge to edge or continuing for a couple of rows. Do you want that or do you want single or partial rows of one color before it changes to the next color?
The other thing to consider, even with long runs of color is that the size of the stripes will vary because this is knit on the bias. It does sounds like a fun thing to play around with though and the self-striping yarns are fun to knit with.

Thank you! I just don’t want it to look like I’ve sewn three triangles together with stripes running perpendicular to different sections.

Do you have a pattern that you’re thinking of using or are you designing your own?

It’s a basic- CO2, inc. both st., turn, K all
R1: inc.1 @ 1st and last st., knitting middle sts.
R2: K all
I wanted to do the middle(for a recrangle)
R1: inc. 1st, K, last 2st. k2tog
R2: K all
R1: K2tog @ 1st and last sts.
R2: K all
I have 65 inches of the first corner done. When I got two rows into the turning rectangle, I thought maybe the stripes would come out wonky.

Ah, I was thinking of bias as in corner to corner knitting, somewhat like this blanket pattern.

The rows you’ve listed are actually going to bias or slant as you knit somewhat like this scarf but with your initial triangle filling in or squaring off the sharp point That sounds very striking and attractive to me.

That’s what I’m aiming for. I suppose I’ll put a keeper line in at the turning row so it can be frogged back, if it turns out badly, and just make it square.
Thanks for all you input.

I have finally finished! This “lap blanket” ended up being 58"x73". I may do another, just not anytime soon.

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It turned out beautifully and it’s a good size, too!
Which yarn did you use?

Sensations, rainbow boucle patterns. It is a Joann store yarn that they have since rebranded. And it says 4 weight, pfft! More like a big 2.

I like the way the yarn has striped, with the little, partial stripes in amongst the big ones :slight_smile: