Self-stab with corkscrew

Oh I really wonder, did any of you ever hurt yourself with a corkscrew? Well, I did, (and I tell you, I could hurt myself with anything, even with a spoon,…)

It went right into my left hand, quite some depth, but it doesn’t feel to bad for now.
So did this happen to any of you? Or am I the only one to be able to hurt myself with … seemingly inoffensive objects?

I have one word for you…marshmallows


I don’t know if this counts, but, have you ever heard the saying: “as easy as drinking a glass of water”?

…drinking water is not always as easy as it sounds.


Ow, I bet that hurts! I can’t say I’ve ever stabbed myself with a corkscrew, but, just tonight I was trying to fix the wall cabinet door my daughter recently broke, and, the stupid thing fell off and the corner of it landed right on the side of my foot…OW. It immediately swelled to the size of a golf ball…Surprisingly though, aside from the nasty swelling, I have only a small scrape! Bah! If I’m gonna be hurting that badly, I may as well have a battle wound to go with it! :teehee:

I’ve sewn over my fingers on a sewing machine, stapled myself and regularly walk into walls… yeah, grace is not my middle name…

I [I]hate [/I]that!!!

I’m glad I’m not alone. :woohoo:

I have stuck a pencil into my jeans pocket, forgotten it was there and stabbed myself in the thigh (the lead left an interesting tattoo, but it finally worked back out.) I have cut my fingers while slicing a lemon. Lemon juice + fresh cut=running in circles because it hurts too much to yell. My baby broke my glasses and nearly broke my nose by smashing a hairbrush on the bridge of the glasses frame. My then-toddler nephew DID rip the cartilage loose on the end of my nose by ramming his fingers up my nose and pulling himself up off the floor (and swinging around like that while everybody said “Isn’t that cute! He can’t hurt you. He’s only a baby. Uh, what’s all that blood?”) Oh, and let’s not forget being knocked out by the liftgate of our then-new car when it fell on top of my head!

I won’t go into details, there is not enough room here. Suffice it to say you are NOT alone, although a corkscrew was not my enemy as I never use one!

Hehe… I used to work at a hardware store where I was always getting new and interesting splinters and small slices from the various sharp implements we used and sold (a metal shaving from the key machine in my eye was the most painful, with metal shavings in my hands not far behind). Still, these were small, minor scratches. I now work at a fabric store. This resulted in a 2" long scar on my arm when I ran into a shelf.
I slipped in the shower once and no, I didn’t get hurt upon falling. I did get hurt when I failed to take note of my position in relation to the tub faucet before hurrying to get up. Thereby ramming my hip/butt into the faucet. It’s the kind where you pull down on the faucet to switch to the shower, and then turn the water off to switch back. I offer my bruised backside as evidence that you can also push the faucet back up to acheive the same result. Oh, yes, and grabbing the knobs to turn the water on/off is a bad idea when you are falling and trying to catch yourself. I turned the hot water on full blast and the cold off.
My favorite injury by non-dangerous object has to be the time I pierced my wrist. I had new earrings that had been bothering my ears (I have allergies to at least nickel, and I’m sure something else but IDK what… I stick to sterling or stainless now), so I took them out and put them on my desk. Pointy part up. And of course dropped one of the backs and couldn’t find it… but oh well, it wasn’t like I could wear them anymore anyway. I then proceeded to pay attention to the teacher until I moved my arm and something stung me. I looked down and discovered that I had laid my arm down on the earring that was missing its back. I removed the earring, got a band-aid and neosporin, and life went on, but since I was allergic to the earring, my wrist swelled up some.
My favorite injury ever (in retrospect) was the result of a handsaw… but as that is most decidedly NOT a harmless artifact I will leave that to your imagination.

That’s so relieving to read all your stories, some of which are quite funny, which they aren’t when they happen to you. But still. Makes me feel quite better about my “little accident”, if I dare call it that :smiley:

About an hour ago I was washing the dishes and stabbed myself in the thumb right where it meets the y of my hand. I immediately thought of this thread! Luckily, a bandaid fixed it up… :doh: :doh:

My heavy santoku knife fell off of a high shelf and landed on my toenail witj the back edge of the blade. If it had fallen the other way I would’ve lost my toe. It was my stomach that hurt, though! In middle school a sewing maching needle broke and hit me in the eye. Thirty years later I still squint when I sew!

Seriously, don’t feel too bad. At least a corkscrew is pointy. I once had to have hand surgery after…bowling. True. Snapped a tendon in my middle finger after the 16 lbs ball hung on it.

I think I’m the only person in the world who has a scar from a bowling injury :rofl:

I always knew bowling was dangerous…

I’m sure you’re not the only one :smiley:

I went to school with a girl who had to get a crochet hook removed from her knee…

Don’t know what happened…other than to say it was under the skin of her knee…

My only major/minor tragedy was cutting my left index finger with a bread knife…but I was holding the bread wrong…

or the major papercut type cut I got from one of those candy containers…

I cut into my thumb while cutting salami with a bread cutter… The doctor said “luckily the nail was there, or else the part of the thumb would have been cut off”… Since then I really dislike bread cutters :smiley: And sharp knives…

Apparently a sharp knife is better then a dull one though…it wont hurt as much…

Oh, that must have hurt sooo bad! I’m so sorry, but I can’t stop laughing at the visual! :rofl: