Self Patterning Sock Hat?


I’m looking into making a Peruvian style hat, with the ear flaps and the plaits to tie it for when I go camping and am sat around the imaginary fire (not allowed real ones in most of the sites we visit :pout: ) in the cool British summer evenings. Ah I digress…

I’m not clever enough yet to make one of the fancy-wancy ones with patterns and charts and scary stuff, but I was wondering if self patterning sock yarn would do the same trick for a hat???

Or would the hat be too wide?

Any advise would be appreciated.

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I think you might be able to do it.

I have never ventured into making socks with the self striping yarn (not my taste) and I have always assumed you can only use it for socks.

However your question made me curious and so I found these patterns on Lionbrand’s website for all sorts of things made from their self striping yarn. Scroll down the page and you will see the patterns available. There are vests, ponchos, socks and even hats! You won’t be able to view the actual patterns until you register on their site (it’s free.)

[color=blue]Magic Stripe[/color]

I think your hat idea might look pretty cool. The only glitch I can see is in the earflap part – in some patterns the earflaps are made separately and then attached to the hat – so I don’t know how you get the stripes to match.


Thank you so much for that!!!

I think I might do the earflaps in a contrasting colour anyway, rather than try to get the stripes to match up.


You could even double-strand the sock yarn and use it as a heavier weight.

Oooh - Does that not affect the magic self patterning abilities?
Or does it just have more stripes?

If you match up the stripes (hold the yarns together at the same place along the pattern), it’ll be like a thicker self-striping yarn. The stripes will be thicker.

First of all… Camping w/o campfires!!! :??

Re: sockyarn… Here’s a couple books that are devoted to making more than socks with sock yarn. You might be able to see them at a library or bookstore to see if they have what you want. You can view a few of the patterns from these links.

Not Just More Socks
Not Just Socks

First of all… Camping w/o campfires!!! Scratching Head

I know!!!

One of the places we go is Shell Island in North Wales, we can have fires there as long as we can get a fire bin - or otherwise keep it a foot off the ground - but we usually just head down to the beach and light a fire there as its not strictly the campsite.

I think all of the other sites we’ve visited (there are a few) have no fire rules. :pout:

Which is why I need an earflap hat!!!

Thanks for the links and info - I shall start knitting it soooon…