Self fringing question

Has anyone here made the dropped stitch shawl from I am having a terrible time with the self-fringing. It keeps unraveling into the working area rather than along the edge. :?? I really don’t understand how it is supposed to go, since the lower edge stitches are “locked” in. I have googled and searched for some insight or more detailed instructions, but don’t seem to have any luck. Even my very smart mother who has been knitting forever couldn’t get this to work.

If anyone has made this shawl can you please share some tips or hints on how you did this? And keep in mind, I’m relatively new to knitting!

Thank you!

Leann, I’ve not knit this pattern. Might I suggest emailing knitpicks and they will be very happy to help you if someone doesn’t help you here 1st (which will probably happen! :wink: ).

Thank you Rebecca, that was going to be my next plan of action. Just thought I’d check here first!

U are welcome, I guess nobody here has done it, either, sorry! But, they will get u fixed up for sure :wink: