Self banding scarf in Fall colors

I spun this singles worsted yarn & my best friend is knitting a self patterning 5" wide scarf from it. Just knitting - no purling. She’s alternating with thick needles occasionally to get a more ‘open’ or latticed structure in parts - really simple stuff. I love the texture the handspun gives it.

More detailed pictures on


Beautiful scarf!

That’s beautiful!

Wow, that’s really pretty :inlove: I love the colors in the yarn.

The yarn is spectacular! What a joy to be creating such a beautiful work as a joint effort with a friend.

Beautiful :thumbsup:

very beautiful! I love the colors in that yarn!

Oh, that makes me long for fall days when the trees look just like that–those beautiful colors!! Love the knitting, too–so suited to the yarn!

I love the colors!! It looks great!

That is beautiful yarn. The scarf is great too.

Its very nice colors. :thumbsup:

love it!

I love the yarn!