Selecting yarn

Hi all,

I’m going to begin a baby blanket which calls for 80% prima cotton/20% merino wool. I’m not very good w/ substituting and would like to order from the knitpicks site. They have a couple of options which are all 5 sts = 1 ", the same gauge as in my projects. The choices are from 2 different 100% peruvian wool or a blend yarn which is 55% Super Fine Alpaca, 23% Silk, 22% Merino Wool. I’m concerned the wool might be a bit itchy for baby, but do you think the peruvian is softer?

This is also a learning question, to see if anyone can offer some good guides or resources for substituting yarn.

Thanks as always for the wonderful advice! Oh & I’m about ready to felt my backpack - I’ll post pic’s when its all done, before & after felting. :smiley:

~ Jen ~

Umm, honestly? Neither. They would both need to be hand washed…

Oh, very good point! I’ll keep looking! :smiley:

For future reference…the Merino Style is very soft, soft enough for baby things IMHO, but the Wool of the Andes is a bit too itchy. The Andean Silk would be heeeeavenly…but of course they all have to be hand washed, so, moot point. :rollseyes: