Selecting comparable yarn? How?

I am knitting a patchwork baby blanket. I used 2 colors that I already had: Bernat Softee Baby – Light (3). For the 3rd color, I want to use a color close to orange – Bernat Softee Baby doesn’t have this. I already bought a skein of yarn that ended up being too heavyweight. I think I’ll need to order something on-line, since my area stores only carry the typical baby colors. Any suggestions for yarns that are comparable in weight and 100% acrylic, like the Bernat Softee Baby? Thanks!:cheering:

You might look at Bernat Satin Sport, since it’s not a baby yarn, there may be an orangey color. Most of the comparable baby yarns though are going to be pastels. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, their I Love This Yarn comes in sportweight, though not too many colors. They also have Baby Bee yarns which aren’t all pastely. You can order them on their website.

Thanks! Is sportweight considered “light (3)” – I’ve already made the mistake of knitting with a heavier weight yarn, and of course, the square was much too big.

Look for the gauge of the yarn. The labels will have a little grid that shows how many stitches per 4 inches on X(size) needles this particular yarn should knit up to.

If you match the gauge, you’ll have a compatible weight.

Also make sure that the wash/dry instructions are the same so the blanket will wash nicely.

Hi - I looked at I Love This Yarn and there is an orange, and it seems to be just the right weight - thanks!!

I hadn’t understood the gauge, but looking at Bernat Softee, I think it is 22 S 30R, and the I Love This is 22 S 24 R – so it won’t work?

The sport should be the same as a ‘3’ weight, but as Ingrid says, the gauge given for it should be similar to what you have.

The 22 stitches is how many stitches you’ll get in width over 4 inches.

The 30 vs 24 rows is how many rows you should get in 4 inches.

The width stitches are more important than the number of rows since you can add or subtract how many rows you knit.

If the gauge for both is 22, I’d definitely give it a shot.

It’s close enough, I don’t think any 2 yarns are exactly the same. The sts per inch match and that’s generally more important.

Could I interject one thing?

Not knowing the design of the patches…there is one scenario where row gauge would impact the overall size of the patch: if the patch design itself requires a certain number of rows to complete the design, she’ll be forced to knit ALL the required rows. If her new orangey yarn [B]row gauge[/B] is different, the patch will be taller or shorter than the sister patches in the other brand.

If the patches are relatively simple design, she can stop when the patch reaches the desired height.

This is really helpful – there are different patterns in this patchwork blanket, and I just keep going until I have 6" – so looks like as long as the 22 measurement is the same as the yarn I now have, I can go ahead – thanks to all!