Seeking test knitters for "Basic Mittens" pattern

Hi folks! :muah: I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

I’m working on a “basic mittens” pattern, which will soon be for sale here on kh, with an accompanying video. It’s nearing completion, and I’m looking for a test knitter for every size!

If interested, please post which size you can knit (and have the wearer try on, a single mitten is fine), within a reasonable time frame (say, a week or two?). Quality project photos might make it into the pattern.

Here are the sizes in the pattern!:
12m baby- yardsofyarn
2-4 years – ratty1973
4-6 years – Lizziek8
6-8 years – lissplus2
8 years - Woman’s S --sgtpam & hcarroll36
Woman’s M/Man’s S – bottomdusters
(Woman’s L/Man’s S – sharonp13 )
Woman’s L/Man’s M - smb611
Man’s L - jagadeeshdev
Man’s XL - Debbie
Man’s XXL - Shandeh

GinnyG our “pinch knitter”, thanks Ginny.

Can you tell us what weight yarn is suggested so we can see if we have it in our stash?

“Jr. XL”/Woman’s Small (Q for anyone: does the “Jr. XL” sound right there?"

I think I’d call it " 'Tween/Teen/W Small" or “10 yrs to Sml Adult”.

Thanks Sue.

Yes Jan, adult sizes are worsted weight (women’s small and up). Kid’s sizes are sports weight.

I could do Women’s Medium if no one else takes the spot.

I’d be willing to test knit Woman’s L/Man’s S. My Ravelry ID is SharonP13 too if you would like to see some of my work.


I am willing to do the Man’s XL. My hubby is “bouncer” size, so these will probably fit him. :teehee:

I’d love to do the man’s Large! I’m also a pro photographer so I could send photos of the project as it is knitted. Also could have them done in a couple of days, as I am unemployed. I am AmmasBoy on Rav if you want to see a few projects.

eta: the photos on rav are just quick snapshots - no pro stuff - you’d get the good lighting and pro shots!

I’d love to try the men’s medium. This is an easy pattern right, I’m still a bit of a beginner, but am always to try anything once, twice if it’s fun!!! That’s my philosophy!


Smb… It would actually be great to have at least one knitter that’s new to mittens. You can watch the accompanying video (also still being edited, but I’ll post a version for y’all), which is a bit long for someone who already knows mittens, but should be enjoyable for you. It goes through the whole mitten from start to finish! (essential parts, anyway.) I demo in the baby size, but it’s the same pattern just with different stitch numbers.

jagadeeshdev, thanks for the photo offer, that’s excellent. I’ve got a companion video, so I don’t plan to include much for progress shots, but would love a nice final shot.

Thanks! I’ve never mit knittens (what my mind said to me) either so you’d have my perspective, too. I’ll get you a nice final photo.

I wish I had a kid to knit for! DH doesn’t really wear mittens so I guess I’m out this round. :teehee:

Oh, and so you can get your DPN’s:

Gauge for kids/sports weight: 6sts./inch
Gauge for adult size/worsted weight: 4.5 sts./inch

pattern calls for gauge in stockinette, and ribbing done two sizes smaller.

Next time, Jan!

I can do 6-8 years. Ive actually been looking for some to knit for my son. (6yrs) this would be perfect.

I’d be happy to do the 4-6 year old ones. Was planning on making my granddaughter mittens anyway! :slight_smile:

I’m out too, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy knitting at the gauge needed. I know, I’m weird…

I can knit mittens too - just let me know which size you need!

I can do the children’s size 4-6 and have the yarn for the mittens. What size needles are you recommending?

Look at the first post. It looks like the only size left to test is the 8yrs-woman’s small.