Seeking similar thomas the tank pattern

I have found this pattern (if you scroll down, you will see it) for the thomas the tank, and the company seems to be out of business. Any ideas on how to get a similar pattern?


oh I would love to hear if anyone knows where to get this pattern. I have 2 huge thomas fans. :smiley:

I saw this and was so excited…though maybe i could find it on e-bay, but no luck. They do, however, have a few good thomas sweater patterns for fairly cheap! If anyone DOES find this pattern, I’d love to know too!! Maybe the blogger still has the pattern?

the blogger is currently moving (or some such thing) and will not be online much at all for the forseeable future…hence the reason I did not email her right away!! Maybe I will keep an eye on the blog, and see how she is coming with her availability?!

Well folks, very disappointing. Sarah wrote me back regarding the pattern and said that it is under copyright for at least another 42 yrs! Does that mean it is only 8 yrs old? Or is it older than that?

I was hoping to get a copy from her, but no luck!